SSL Certificates Are Ranking Factor for SEO

SSL Certificates
During the last few years when things important for SEO were discussed, Google’s HTTP was very considered very important and it was one of the ideas that went on to become very popular and significant for webmasters in the coming times. The main idea behind it was to stimulate the wider adoption of HTTPS and highlight why website security was so important for everyone using the web. As HTTP become so important and a relevant search ranking factor for SEO, getting SSL certificate and its proper implementation also become a big imperative for websites during the past year. While it takes some time and money to get things done the right way, yet is the right way to bring the much needed stability to the world of web and make websites secure most effectively.

Abbreviation of Secure Socket Layer, which is a standard encryption technology used for transferring data from a user’s browser to the web server, SSL is used by websites to prevent hackers from interception and misusing the data that users leave on a website when they visit it. This data is in form of checkout pages as well as registration and contact forms and when accessed by third parties, it can be used to abuse the web users. With help of SSL, webmasters put in public and private encryption keys; while the public encryption keys are used to scramble the information the private encryption keys are used to decrypts it to be read by someone monitoring the transmission.

The easiest way to see if a website has a standard SSL certificate is to check the https:// before the website URL in the address bar as compared to the simple http:// that means that this website does not have a SSL certification. Since SSL certificates are being used by website, their rankings have got up and it has become a ranking factor for SEO as Google prefers website to be a safe and secure passage for its users. When a user visits a page that has the SLL certificate as indicated in its URL by https://, it means that any data or information he or she posts or uses to share with others is safe from skimming or sniffing. As the threat for cybercrimes is increasing with every passing day and the dangers that the world is facing, using an SSL certified website is the best way for so many businesses as well as users.

Webmasters need to know that when it comes to understanding what rankings and SEO is all about, SEO is still the king and calls the shots ultimately. It is also necessary for them to know that google does not disclose all the details and what goes behind the scenes in their search algorithm and they constantly tell about the updates on their search ranking best results for people and webmasters and it is up to them to understand how they should work out so that they are able to make the most of their websites. Google has updated about how HTTPs encryption through SSL certificates is going to be a major ranking factor in SEO and how they can make their websites more secure and get better rankings with SSL certificate that play a major role in helping them play a better role in the world of web.

Google recently announced that getting an SSL certificate is the best thing that website owners and webmasters can do to boost their SEO ranking. it is also important to know that even if their website does not checkout page, login pages, or any other financial or sensitive personal information, they can still get the SEO benefits by installing an SSL Certificate on their site as they are ensuring that they have the necessary security measures put in to keep their users protected from third parties. Google aims to see all its users protected but there are some websites too that are old and have been getting organize traffic on their own for a long time now and switching might affect their traffic so the process will be slow and they will have to take all the right steps to make sure they do not run into any problems. However, this practice is best for new websites that do not have much to lose.

The main benefit of using HTTPS on their website is that it will offer these websites a security to the users where they share their personal data which is sensitive and must be kept secure. These websites will need a Secure Socket Layer certificate that will ensures that the data between the server and browser remains private and secure. In such cases, even if a hacker manages to hack the data, he or she will not have the key to decrypt it and this will help to protect the website without affecting it SEO rankings. Google recommends using 2048-bit key certificates, allowing search engine crawlers to access your website and remove the “no index”, allowing robots to crawl your HTTPS pages, using protocol relative Universal Resource Locators (URLs) for all other domains, using relative URLs for resources which reside on the same secure domain and also choosing the type of certificate that the website requires such as multi-domain, single, or wildcard certificate as not all certificates are the same and it is necessary to find the right one for the website.

All this shows that google is working hard and coming up with new formulas to affect the search engine rankings as using the robots to crawl these websites as well as using safe domains is all a key part of SEO. Since SSL certificates have been announced by Google and since they are being put into practice by the webmasters and site owners, there has been a change in the way search engines and users are taking websites and the better protected a website is, the better chance it stands of drawing traffic and this is a ranking factor for SEO.

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